Defining products and sales channels

In TapConnect you set up products, which define when, where and for how long passengers can travel. On a certain day, between two stops or stations, or for an hour once they have activated their ticket. You also setup sales channels, these represent the Apps, the websites and box offices that can sell your tickets. And you define which sales channel may sell a product. For instance, your own App may sell all available products, while a certain sales partner only sells one-hour tickets.

Setting up tickets

In TapConnect many products can be defined.

1. Temporal products are valid on a certain day, or hour, or any period you define.

2. Sliding validity products also have a limited temporal validity, but they get triggered by the first use of the ticket. So, a tourist can buy a barcode ticket weeks in advance, and it will only be validated after the first tap, or after it is activated in an App. After that the ticket is valid for 24-hours, or an hour, whatever you configure.

3. TapConnect also supports stop-to-stop tickets. When these are sold, passengers are required to select a two stops or stations that determine the beginning and the end of their journey. This will determine the price of the ticket.

Defining sales channels

With TapConnect you can sell your tickets through any partner. It's likely that you sell barcodes in your own App, but throughout the region there are more parties that can successfully sell tickets for you. A chain of box offices, a tourist App, a MaaS App.

In TapCheck you set up a new sales channel in minutes, and after doing so you create an API-key and share it with your partner. They can use that to call the API that issues tickets and start selling.

One ticket for a museum and a ride

A sales partner that requests a new ticket can combine it with another ticket, for instance a barcode that grants access to a museum, the zoo or any other attraction. The traveler can simply use their museum barcode to board a bus or a tram, before using it to enter the museum.