Ticketing Infrastructure
that lets passengers
Define, price and sell your tickets anywhere to let your passengers travel across regions with multiple public transport and mobility operators using mobile devices, EMV, and printed tickets.
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White Label
D-Ticket Solution

A complete solution to serve your passengers a full featured DeutschlandTicket app and backend right out-of-the-box!


Pay As You Go

Passengers never have to think about which ticket to buy to get the best deal. Using the white-labeled app they check-in at a stop, check out when they arrive at their destination and simply pay the right fare.


Set up
in minutes, not days

Create Instantly

It won't take you long to set up TapConnect. You can start using it today. Configure products and pricing schemes in record-breaking time and sell them in minutes.

Boost Sales in
Any Channel

Have complete control over which products are sold where. Your apps, branch offices, websites, online partners and local kiosks. Easily define the channels through which you sell your tickets. Anywhere you want!

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Schedule the launch of new products or pricing schemes ahead of time, and just watch them become available to your travelers.

Combine for

Your barcodes can do more than just granting travelers access to public transport. Fancy a concert? Like to see your favourite Van Gogh? Simply combine your fare tickets with offerings from your partners and allow travelers to seamlessly roam around town.

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your organisation

As a truly open ticketing platform, simply connect TapConnect to your existing infrastructure for lightning fast and easy integration. No need to change anything. Simply use existing gates, validators or inspection devices.

Easy to integrate
Use existing gates & validators
Use existing inspection devices

while on the move

Support in Real-Time
Respond to passenger requests swiftly

TapConnect provides excellent insights into purchases and usage of tickets to help customer services with functional questions about trips and validity of tickets. Passengers simply provide their ticket number, and using the TapConnect Customer Service view, office staff will help them out quickly.

Business Intelligence

Analyse to improve continuously

With TapConnect you can have partners sell your tickets. These partners generally receive the passenger's payment for the ticket. TapConnect allows you to invoice your partners on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Keep an eye on which products sell well, and which straggle behind so you can adjust your portfolio and improve ticket sales.

-All products sold through each partner.
-Real-time sales insights.
-Channel specific sales performance.

The World's First Open Ticketing Platform

Our barcode issuing API exposes the endpoints available within TapConnect. Product and ticket related endpoints return the information requested to manage tickets throughout their lifecycle.

TapConnect also supports the TOMP API, allowing MaaS operators to acquire tickets in an internationally standardized way.

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Fixed price
no surprise.

Transparent PricingFixed monthly fee

TapConnect is a service you can immediately start using, without any upfront or hidden costs. We charge a fixed monthly fee. No surprises. We firmly believe you should not be punished for your own success!

Fixed price
no surprise

Enterprise readyFlexible if needed

In case you do decide you need to extend TapConnect with a specialised shop or bespoke integration with software you already use, our team is available to help. Drop us a line to discuss more options.

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