Mobile Sales of TapConnect eTickets

Mar 21, 2022



Mobile Sales of TapConnect eTickets

The traditional way of selling and distributing tickets for public transport is dramatically changing and it is changing fast. The rise of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), the introduction of EMV travel, and the introduction of Account-Based Travel (ABT) are accelerating the need for a further and quicker digitalization of the Public Transport sector.

That is especially required with regards to:

  • Selling of eTickets
  • Distributing of eTickets
  • Validating of eTickets
  • Inspection of eTickets
  • Fraud control

Ximedes just completed a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a solution that is able to sell and print barcodes, using a mobile device. The barcode can be used in a Public Transport and/or MaaS setting. The solution is based on the Ximedes TapConnect barcode back office solution in combination with the SUNMI Pro terminal. The SUNMI Pro is an Android device, with an integrated printer and the PayPlaza payment functionality.

tapconnect products

In the TapConnect back office, the products (1 or 48-hour travel, stop-to-stop, etc.) are defined by the Public Transport Operator (PTO). In the back office, a Sales Channel can be defined. This channel can be the PTO’s own physical shop, their website, or their own app. However, a Sales Channel can also just as easily be a Reseller, like a MaaS provider, another PTO, a 3rd party (online) shop, etc.

This particular PoC was designed to enable the mobile sales of eTickets, generated by TapConnect. The solution can be used by the PTO’s own personnel in their vehicles, but can also be used for events to enable the mobile sales of eTickets. Service personnel can use this set-up either when they are ‘en route’ or in a Shop or for Resellers that are one of the Seller’s Sales Channels.

This is how it works

Select Product

On the Android device runs the (Re)-Sellers' shop/app, where the selection of Products can be offered and sold to the Traveller.


Complete Payment

Once a Product has been selected, the Traveller can pay for the Product, using his contactless payment facility (Phone, Wearable, physical/digital Bankcard).


Print Barcode and Receipt

Once the payment has been completed, the solution provides the Traveller with a printed receipt and a printed barcode. The barcode can then be used to travel, where the TapConnect back office will check the validity of the Ticket.


More information

Do you want to find out more about this project and how it can help you sell eTickets in a Public Transport and MaaS setting, feel free to reach out!