TapConnect at IT Trans Karlsruhe 2022

Mar 21, 2022



At the upcoming IT Trans in Karlsruhe (10 – 12 May ’22, Germany), Ximedes will be an active participant. Visit us at Stand X.14 30 in the DM-Arena (Hall 2). Ximedes will be exhibiting its expertise and development capabilities, focusing on the strong need for standardisation in the IT Architecture for Public Transport (PT) vehicles, eTicketing (barcode & cEMV), Mobile sales and Inspection solutions.

IT Trans 2022

TapConnect eTicketing solution

Within the public transport arena, travelling with a barcode is gaining traction, helped by the growing availability and popularity of smartphones. This combined with the realisation that implementing a barcode solution is a cost-effective way of selling and distributing tickets, explains the demand for easy to integrate barcode solutions.

TapConnect (https://tapconnect.io) has been developed by Ximedes, specifically targeted at the Public Transport Operators. This barcode solution offers a Barcode Issuing Service, a Barcode Validation Service and includes a Management Portal, to control and monitor usage, define products and sales channels. Additional functionalities are being added, like Interoperability, combi-ticketing, dynamic barcodes and semester tickets for students.

Offering both offline and online capabilities, the hosted solution (AWS) can very easily be integrated into the existing IT landscape and can be deployed within weeks.

Mobile sales and Inspection solutions

On the stand we will demonstrate how PTO’s can offer their customers a seamless system for selling eTickets/barcodes (+ payment). This also includes solutions for Validation and Inspections (barcode, closed loop, cEMV).

Interested to find out how we can help?

If you, as a PTO/PTA, a MaaS platform provider, a hardware supplier or a vehicle manufacturer, are interested in developing a similar platform and/or want to implement a eTicketing solution, why not use our expertise and the available components? Use it as a starting point, with proven technology, as an accelerator for your project? Feel free to reach out to us at: info@ximedes.com

Come and visit us at Stand X.14 30 (DM - Arena / hall 2)