Complexity Made Easy

Over the years PTO’s and PTA’s have designed and built their own ticketing systems. However, these are expensive to build, maintain and update. This brings operators and agencies serious headaches to overcome the challenges in adapting to the ever increasing passenger-, community- and economic expectations.

As a better alternative one can now opt for a TapConnect Ticketing-as-a-Service approach which brings significant benefits.


​​TapConnect provides an interconnectivity platform through which you can connect with both your internal systems, as well as those of your ecosystem partners. The open application program interface (API) ensures that the system supports agnostic application enablement, making it easy to communicate with your technologies rapidly. Through our APIs you can also easily connect externally, engaging with for instance any sales channel, whether it be a zoo or a museum selling combi-tickets, or a MaaS service. With TapConnect you enable digital ticketing using mobile phones, smartcards (NFC), contactless bank cards (cEMV) or even printed barcode tickets. Allowing passengers to travel frictionlessly from A to Z.


Whether it be customer service handling customer calls, product management defining and introducing new products, sales opening up new sales channels, or IT deploying new features, with the TapConnect backoffice your teams manage the business from their own perspective. In order to make informed decisions, TapConnect dashboards help them to minimise time between insight and operational benefit.


Behind your passenger journeys there is a wealth of data. TapConnect enables you to gain insight into passenger behaviours by providing further travel journey context to your customer data. Across all sales channels, all media used by passengers, all check-in / check-out points, for all products defined, for each journey of every single passenger, TapConnects collects the data, helping you:

  • - Put your passenger at the heart of your operations.
  • - Identify and qualify new opportunities for improvement.
  • - Focus on innovation with fact-based investments


We believe incremental, stepwise innovation works best. Focussing on opportunities for innovation with highest value-readiness first. For instance, having started with app-based PAYG, having captured the value of it, the next step could be expanding to cEMV travel. Connecting through our APIs we help you to enlarge the TapConnect scope, allowing your teams to manage this in the same back-office system. As well as adding the cEMV travel journey context to your customer data for further optimization.

With TapConnect we help you take the complexity out, allowing your teams to focus on the customer ticketing journey and provide passengers frictionless journeys.